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Saturday, April 17, 2004
The Pledge of Allegiance

Well, I'm sure it doesn't shock any of my longtime readers that I think this whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I remember saying the pledge when I was in grade school, and in retrospect, it seems like kind of a crypto-fascist thing to do. Realistically, there's no harm in it, but the lawsuit is 100% correct in it's assertion that the recitation of the pledge is illegal given the separation of church and state.

Now, you hear these patriots and Christians cry out with much wailing and gnashing of teeth:

"We must confirm and honor our god and country!"

Do it at home. Do it at church. Because no matter what happens in the Supreme Court in June, you still get to pray to your precious god in both of those places. Your freedom of religion is in no way restricted by taking "under God" out of the pledge. That argument is completely fallacious, so give it up.

The other tack these zealots take, is that it's just a rote memorization, and besides, "it's tradition."

Not really.

The thing they always forget to mention, is that these two words were not in the original pledge, which was written in 1892. The United States managed to defeat Spain, win World War One, overcome the Great Depression, and win World War Two, all without "under God" in the Pledge Of Allegiance. How the fuck did we manage that? Arguably, the greatest 60 years of American history occurred with a daily recitation that failed to acknowledge God. Surprising to think that we weren't smote, or smited, or whatever that guy does to non-believers.

Well, why was it added? In 1954 to teach godless communists a lesson, presumably, we added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. And BLAM, just 45 years later, God got up off of his ass, and turned those communists into very poor capitalists, who live in much the same way they did in the 15th century under the czars. Except now, they still have access to those cute Soviet nuclear missiles. Frankly, I slept better at night under detente' than I do now.

As for the pledge, is your belief in God so flimsy that it fades away if you and everyone else isn't being beaten over the head with it constantly? You think God gives two shits whether you live or die? You're a bug in a science experiment gone wrong, and your destiny is not written. It's random, and you should get comfortable with that, because it sets you free. Stop bludgeoning innocent children with your sick dogma.

We live in America, and Freedom of Religion is also Freedom FROM Religion. The majority rules, yes, but just because Christians hold a majority in this country doesn't mean we should all have to bow down to Jeebus. And while you're wondering "Why not?" let me remind you of another funny little demographic tidbit: By 2050, whitey will be a minority in this country. There will be more African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and everything else. My guess is, by that point, your position on stolid majority rule will have evolved by then.

I will get in to the whole Darwinism thing when time allows.

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