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Monday, November 28, 2005
This again

I was in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, and had very little inclination to do any writing. Upon my return, I discover yet another statue of the Virgin Mary has been crying. Well, I know how she feels.

This time around, the statue has red liquid that appears to have dripped out of it's eye. There are many reasons why this bothers me.

1) People actually seem to believe that a statue made out of rock is able to emit liquid.

2) That it is, in fact, a miracle.

3) That it is not quite obviously a hoax.

But what should scare the "believers" the most, is that, if they are right,
the Virgin Mary is CRYING BLOOD. This is not a religious event. This is a horror movie. Make your own joke about the Catholic Church, I'm not your joke-monkey.

Believe it or not, I'm not a religious person. Still, I should think that if one of the statues I worship (graven images anyone?) started oozing blood, I would have to consider this to be a very bad sign.

Catholicism is a fun religion in general, especially as seen from afar. I'm not going to take this opportunity to rail away at the pedophilia, although it's certainly horrible. It's just interesting, what with the pageantry, the costumes, the gold, statues, and superstitious hand motions. It's a hoot.

But the crying statue thing has to stop. Between this type of crap, and seeing Jesus on underpasses, tortillas, you name it, one has to question the sanity of anyone who would believe that this is how Jesus would choose to appear to his people.
Of course, the church will not allow the ooze to be tested, so this "miracle" is safe. No need for science! We'll Intelligent Design the answers out of it, for sure!

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I was driving around the other day, and I look at cars, and the things people slap onto their bumpers, and I started thinking about where we are. As for me, I put nothing on my car, not even my favorite radio station, because I guess I really don't care if anyone knows my opinion about anything. Why would you want people to know that you've been to Rock City, love Jesus, or wake up with Wally on the Big 96?

Side note: My recent favorite is the one that reads, "In event of the Rapture, vehicle will be unmanned." Arrogant to be sure, and obviously leaving your SUV free to plow into a day care center. Good luck getting into heaven with that on your record, you righteous twat.

We're a year past the election, and I still see "W" stickers on people's cars, and I suppose that's just a "My guy won! I'm a winner, too!" I also see the Kerry/Edwards stickers, which I suppose indicate the "I lost, but I'm no loser" sentiment. I can't really speak to that, at least without coughing up blood.

I don't remember seeing so many political stickers on cars so long after an election as I see now. I started thinking about what that might mean. I added that in with the "God Bless America" and "Support Our Troops" magnets, and it really crystallized what has happened here over the past five years.

It is no secret that the US is horribly divided at this point in time. I mean, the rift is huge. There is so little middle ground, it makes it very easy to dismiss a great deal out of hand, and it provides little room for anything to get done. I think of what this administration has accomplished in terms of sowing hate between people of different classes, races, faiths, economic levels, you name it, and it is such a complete job that it could only have been done on purpose.

There is no meaningful political discourse in this country anymore. One side spins something, the other side yells about the lies being told, and back and forth it goes. It's pointless, and boring. I guess if Bush was my guy, I might feel smug and validated, but certainly some supporters must be appalled by the cost, monetarily, in blood, and just in terms of the toxic political landscape we suffer under. No one has any credibility, only power, but I suppose that's the only thing that matters.

I mean, I am trying to understand what the administration is trying to accomplish, and I can't see the point, unless they are just trying to take as much as they can for themselves and their cronies, the future be damned. I honestly can't understand what other goal they could have in mind, and it's doubly beautiful couched in a religious moralism.

"God gave me two hands so that I could take as much as I could with both of them!"

The Democrats have nothing to offer either, and no one knows that better than I do. All I can say in their defense is that:

They don't think science is a passing fad.
Education and knowledge are considered valuable, not a detriment.
Faith is valued, but it is personal and not to be imposed on others.
Democrats don't appear to be hellbent on destroying the environment. It may yet happen on their watch, but I don't believe it will be with forethought and malice.
I don't think they would consider cutting 50 billion dollars from food stamps and other programs for the poor as the GOP voted to do this week, all while offering another $70 billion tax cut for the wealthy.

Those things are enough to tilt me in that general direction. The entirely divisive manner in which things are being run is all the more ironic since George ran on a platform to be a uniter, not a divider. That, and the "compassionate conservative" bit are just stomach-turning when you realize where we are now.

Divide and conquer is not just the wisdom of Sun-Tzu. It is business as usual for the people running the country. And do not kid yourself, if you are not a millionaire, you are on the wrong team, and should hold no hope of any improvement in your situation.

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Twenty Hours In

It's been a long day, as they start very early in my case. It's pretty sad seeing 2300 and being utterly exhausted. But it feels like a good day. I can sleep tonight, if I wish.

I worked today, and then spent the balance of the afternoon and evening at a friend's house. We watched TV and played video games, and I have no idea what is going on in the world right now, and I don't care to know at the moment. My friend broke his foot playing basketball the other night, and is hobbling around in a boot, using crutches. It is difficult not to make him the object of pointed ridicule, but this is a good person, so I do my best. Actually, if I were to find myself homeless, with no money at all, he'd put me up indefinitely, and you will not likely ever have many better friends than that.

So, jambalaya was made, shrimp was eaten, and it was a good day. There were others there, of course, small people who also make life worth living, and they ate toll house cookies, and begged for more.

I'm so tired right now that I am forced to concede that I'm quite happy. I hope you had a good day, too.


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Monday, November 07, 2005

I was looking at the blog, and I understand that it's primarily a political beast. I can't really say for sure, but I don't think that was my original intent. I probably write about these things because most people who might stumble through here probably have some idea what I'm referring to, since I dwell on current events, and things one may read about in the paper or online. There is, I suppose, a fairly common frame of reference, at least if you are interested in this sort of mundane garbage. Alas, I am. I write for myself, and am flattered if anyone happens to see it and think well of it. I like politics, since ultimately, everything is politics.

But if I am writing for my own amusement, why should I care if there is anything here that people can relate to? Upon reflection, I don't really care. I write about things that are amusing, or that bother me, and current events never fail to fit the bill.

So, what about me?

I don't really like writing about myself, to be honest. I have conflicting opinions on the topic, and I can't move past the notion that my inner workings are nobody's business, anyway. Even non-perceptive types probably know a few truths about me from reading what I write. I suppose I'm comfortable with that. I'm not comfortable with just dumping my self-evaluation on to the damned internet. I'm emotionally shallow, anyway. I am not burdened with a great number of "big thoughts." I can piece things together that sound reasonable, but I know I don't know anything about anything that really matters. I'm still curious, though.

This was to be about me. So it is, and so it isn't.


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Friday, November 04, 2005
Vioxx lawsuit

Large pharmaceutical conglomerate, Merck, celebrated their courtroom victory over a man who had allegedly suffered a heart attack after using the painkiller Vioxx. Now, Merck is still facing thousands of lawsuits over Vioxx, which was rushed through the FDA screening process even though the company knew there were serious risks associated with the drug. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but I found their defense in this particular case kind of interesting.

Merck cannot really deny the danger that Vioxx posed to many, many consumers. But they won the case yesterday based on their assertion that the plaintiff had not taken Vioxx long enough in order to blame his heart attack on its use.

In other words, if he had not had a heart attack when he did, eventually Vioxx would have killed him.

Quality control in George W. Bush's America.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
"An affront to me, and to the United States of America."

The other night, Senate Democrats pulled a little known maneuver which sent the Senate into a secret session. During this two-hour meeting, Democrats demanded to know the status of the Intelligence Committee's investigation into the White House's run-up to war in Iraq.

Over a year ago, Democrats asked the Republican leadership for a report, and Republicans declined, stating that it was too close to the election to get into. Well, it's been a year, and for some reason, Congress just doesn't seem interested in finding out who is responsible for the volumes of bogus information that George W. Bush used to justify a pre-emptive attack on a helpless Iraq. The result of this action by minority leader Harry Reid, is that a bipartisan committee of senators will report on the progress on November 14th. So, something may yet get done, apparently.

The part that absolutely sends me into fits of giggling is the reaction of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Now, Frist is a bright guy, a doctor even, and he is certainly thinking about running for president in 2008. But apparently, he has been inside the big dome for a little too long, just based on his reaction to the action taken by Democrats.

"This is an affront to me personally," said Frist, a Tennessee Republican. "This is an affront to our leadership. It is an affront to the United States of America, and it is wrong."

An affront? Who speaks like this? I'll tell you who. Royalty. People with a sense of entitlement. Your social and economic betters who believe they should never, ever have their motives and actions questioned. How dare they!

People who work for a living don't suffer from effrontery. We may be offended, or belittled, or lectured to by pompous windbags like Senator Frist, but rarely are we in a position to be affronted. Affront costs, baby.

And the Republican leadership complains of this being a stunt pulled by these unscrupulous Democrats, and I suppose it is. When you have been squelched at every opportunity while trying to investigate possible criminal acts and conspiracies, I guess you may have to turn to desperate measures. Not that the Republicans know anything about stunts.

The President's poll numbers are down! Quick! Raise the terror alert level to magenta!

The middle class wants affordable health care! Get a flag burning amendment on the floor!

We can't find the guy who attacked us on 9/11! Start a war with Iraq, and make up any evidence you need to justify it!

Pot? Meet kettle.

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