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Friday, September 30, 2005
Sorry. Shutup.

I have not been terribly active this month, and I am sorry about that. There is a reason, and I may discuss it some day, but for now, I will really try to do better, and post something worth a damn. Soon.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005
What I did last summer

By George W. Bush

"I took a five-week vacation, ignored a bereaved mother, and slept while I should have been ordering National Guard troops to evacuate New Orleans. Then I got ice cream!"

Oh, summer with George. He knows how to take it easy, that's for sure. Remember his back to school essay from summer 2001?

"I took a month-long vacation! I cleared brush, and wore checkered shirts! And I read a memo about some bad man with a beard who wants to fly planes into buildings. But I didn't understand very much of it. Summer rocks!"

Now obviously, these are not the President's writings. I have corrected for grammar and spelling.

But where the hell was George? The hurricane hit New Orleans Monday morning, and they knew it was going to land there on Saturday. What was the administration doing for that 48 hours? Defending Iraq, comparing Pearl Harbor to September 11th (now corrected to have Iraqi pilots in those Mitsubishi planes), and just generally being an absentee landlord. And no one is more sickened than I that my previous posting was so dead-on.

No assistance showed up until Thursday. Nothing. The people stranded in the city were completely ignored by the federal government. There is a lot of talk that the reason is because they are black. That's really just part of it. The main issue is that, they are poor. The people with money, that is to say, who vote, got in their cars, and left. If you have no car, it's probably tough to evacuate with five days worth of food, water, and clothing. And it's not as if there was anyplace you could walk to, lugging all of that stuff, that would have been safe.

And now the backlash begins. Against the administration? Don't be stupid. We have to blame the media. "Look at them, covering the looters. What about all the people who got rescued? "

Come on.

The people who got rescued are the saddest of all. They are stuck in areas with far too many other people in the same situation, with no food, no water, no toilets, and all in 90+ degrees and 90% plus humidity. Under normal conditions, New Orleans is unbearable this time of the year. And the stench of death, and shit, and thousands of people stuck in the sun with no soap has got to be stultifying. It is a nightmare.

Could all of it have been prevented? Probably not. But nothing was done in advance. Nothing. I don't think George gave this thing a second thought, and if he did, maybe he prayed for his favorite philosopher to move that big bad hurricane away. Bush is simply disconnected from what the average person goes through. He hasn't got any understanding of what it's like to struggle. I don't know if he looks at all this, and just doesn't care. I think he sees it, and it's like a dog looking at a physics problem. He just doesn't see it, and what he does see, is alien to his mind.

"Your highness, the people have no bread to eat."

"Then let them eat cake."

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