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Friday, June 11, 2004
Cheap Gas Realized At Long Last

Reading Newsday last weekend, I became aware that gasoline is now going for a nickel a gallon in Iraq. I assumed that the savings here at home are just around the corner, and was headed out the door to buy an Escalade, when I noticed that the price was only good in Iraq.

I was somewhat crestfallen by this revelation, but after all, Iraq is full of oil. If anyone should be able to get cheap gas, it's Iraqis. But I kept reading.

The gas that is being purchased for five cents a gallon is not refined from Iraqi oil, but it is imported from a number of Iraq's oil-rich neighbors. Still, that seemed like a ridiculously low price. How can you dig up, pump, refine and transport gasoline from a foreign country, and sell it for five cents a gallon? It didn't add up. I kept reading.

It turns out, that in addition to the 200 billion America has already spent on Iraqetnam, we are now subsidizing the sale of gasoline, at an additional cost of $1.50 per gallon. That's right. You are paying anywhere from two to three dollars a gallon here in the American Empire's home country, and you can tack on another buck and a half to that every time Farooq takes his family out for a drive.

I haven't determined exactly how Halliburton, and therefore, the President are profiting from this, but there can be little doubt some of that money is also finding it's way into the pockets of Neo-Fascists hellbent on turning this country into what is essentially a Christian Taliban.

File this under "I'm not making this up:"


If you are a person of any color, religious belief, ethnicity, whatever, making less than 100 grand a year, and you vote to retain this criminal administration, you are a goddamned fool.

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