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Saturday, July 17, 2004
Ken Lay

It was awfully nice to see Kenny-Boy doing his perp walk, although rather belatedly. I mean, when did Enron finally eat it? November 2001? That seems like a ridiculously long time between starting an investigation of massive fraud, and finally getting around to indicting the CEO that made it happen. My guess is, either the feds are likely too inept to put together a decent case despite the voluminous evidence against Lay, or, you know, maybe Kenny has friends in high places or something. Could be a combo of the two...

So, during the first months of the Bush administration, when Lay and his cronies were given all-expenses paid trips to Washington DC to set the energy policy for the entire fucking country, it must have been just unbelievably grand for Kenny-Boy. These guys must have felt like a pedophile that was just put in charge of a Boy Scout troop. You can just see these bastards, sitting around with Dick Cheney, smoking cigars, and laughing their asses off at the prospect of absolutely RAPING Americans by creating false energy shortages.

"So, we have carte blanche to steal billions from working people? Hooray! We'll be slightly richer!"

But, like so often happens with criminals, they got greedy, tried to steal too much, and their scam imploded. Enron, one of the ten largest corporations in the US, went kaflooey, thousands of employees lost lucrative jobs, and millions of people whose pensions depended on Enron's made up profit reports will now be able to retire approximately ten years after they die. Americans were incensed, and demanded justice. No one forms an angrier lynch mob than we do, and at times like this, you grab a rope and start at the top.

Jeffrey Skilling! Gotcha, bitch!
Steven and Leah Fastow? Gotcha, bitches! Wait a minute...

These people were certainly in powerful jobs at Enron, but they weren't The Boss. That's weird, why didn't the government go after the CEO for nearly three years? I mean, aside from being in charge, we also know that Kenny-Boy gave his employees and investors a glowing state of the company speech literally moments before dumping tens of millions of dollars of his own Enron stock. I'm sure it must have been hard for him to dump his own company's shares, but he was brave enough to sell while the price was high. Showing indecision at a time like that, and hesitating could have really cost him a lot of dough. This bastard piloted an ocean liner onto a reef, and floated away on a mountain of cash so large as to be nearly incomprehensible to stupid assholes like you who work for a living. So really, try not to think about it, you'll just get angry. And it seems like we didn't.

But, I guess the mountain of evidence has piled too high, and now, the feds have to go after the president's dear friend. I'm glad George and Dick kept the prosecutors off of Lay for all this time, because now they can spend the rest of this election year answering questions about it. They should have cut this guy loose immediately, but these are men who feel they can do anything they want and never suffer consequences. For the most part, they've been right. Ideally, it will cost Bush the election. You'd like to think that the millions of poor and middle class white Americans who consider themselves conservative would wake up and realize one important fact: Republicans, while seemingly trying to make everything an issue of race and/or "values" are actually only interested in economic class. These people aren't patently racist. If you are black or Hispanic, and you think the Republicans have nothing to offer you, it's not because you're brown. It's because you aren't rich.

If Americans would just wake up and see this, we could actually start growing this country again, and become the envy of the world, instead of a rogue nation that fights wars of choice, and justifies them by invoking god at every opportunity. We need to boot this ignorant, elitist, CRIMINAL administration. The only downside, unfortunately, is that if we make George a one-termer like his dad, he'll probably pardon Kenny-Boy and all of these other scumbags, and they'll all go back to Texas, drink margaritas, and find another way to fuck America. They've been doing it for decades, after all.

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