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Friday, August 27, 2004
Lying Sack Of Crap

The envious jackass who wrote "Unfit For Command," John O'Neill, who used so many different ways to call John Kerry's record in Vietnam a lie, now turns out to be utterly full of shit.

John Kerry has claimed to have been in Cambodia on Christmas in 1968, and everyone is jumping up and down screaming "No he wasn't! No he wasn't!" Especially "Jowls" O'Neill. All I can say for sure is that Kerry was definitely not on a coke binge with James R. Bath in Texas on Christmas of 1968. But O'Neill calls Kerry's story "complete lies."

However if you take a listen to those funny little tapes that President Nixon made in the Oval Office on June 16, 1971, you can hear someone named, ah, John O'Neill claiming that, yes, "I was in Cambodia, sir. I worked along the border."

In "Unfit For Command", O'Neill said that no one, including Kerry, "was ordered into Cambodia by anyone, and would have been court-martialed if he had gone there."

So, Tubby, what were you doing in Cambodia?

O'Neill, not two days ago, responded this way: "I think I made it very clear that I was on the border, which is exactly where I was for three months. I was about 100 yards from Cambodia."

I just don't know what to say anymore. I mean, maybe Kerry was in Cambodia around Xmas 1968, and maybe it was Valentine's Day, or Tippi Hedren's birthday. I just don't see what difference it makes. He was probably there at some point, just like this asshat, O'Neill. Why should O'Neill bother saying he was on the border, but never IN Cambodia? Of course operating in Cambodia was illegal, but if he spent three months on the border, I'm sure he probably went in at least once or twice to take a dump. The timing is not important. The actual location down to the nearest square foot is not important.

Mister O'Neill, I'm sorry that you are too fat to run for president. I'm sorry you went back to Texas and ate a porterhouse every day for 35 years after leaving the Navy. And I'm sorry that you can't do anything more constructive with your time than smear a fellow veteran who has done something with his life. You will sell a lot of books to Bush supporters, most of whom cannot read, but that is no accomplishment. I hope that someone writes a fascinating book about your life some day, and I hope they take the time to write the truth, so readers may see how small you truly are. Of course, no one bothers to write books about NOBODIES.

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