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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Actual letter to Arlen Specter

I sent a note to the Pennsylvania senator today in regard to this:


This is the complete text of my letter:


I wanted to congratulate you on your re-election win this week. For awhile there, it looked like it was going to be very close, but your constituents must have remembered what type of man you are, and stepped up.

That being said, you had a bit of a rough time following your victory, because of those comments you made about potential Supreme Court nominees. I am not writing to blast you, as I'm sure so many others have. I feel that what you said was sensible, and prudent. I would like you to consider something, though.

My understanding of your voting record in regard to abortion issues is that you have been remarkably consistent. That being the case, I would like you to never forget what happened this week. You made ONE remark that seemed even slightly centrist in regard to this issue, and the people whom you have supported, and who financially have undoubtedly supported you, turned on you like jackals. They called for your ouster as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They called you unspeakable names. Be warned, Senator, that when you lay down with people of this ilk, you never get back up smelling good.

I certainly don't expect you to change the way you vote on matters of this nature, but do remember what your "friends" tried to do to you this week. Your willingness to backpedal and kowtow to this type of fanaticism is unworthy of your office. Look to your colleague John McCain if you need inspiration. He's easy to find; he's the principled person in the Senate chambers.

Good luck, I believe you'll need it.

Most sincerely,

(My REAL name. Call Arlen if you want it.)

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