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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I don't believe I've devoted any time to the Lacey & Scott Peterson fiasco. The main reason is because I'm sick of the media circus that follows around any case that involves the unsolved disappearance or murder of an attractive young white woman. People go missing in this country every day, but if you are a bit homely, or a bit brown, the media doesn't care. Sorry to be blunt about it, but it's true.

I didn't sit down to even talk about the case, to be honest, but I'll just tell you my opinion. Before the trial even started, there were constant leaks in regard to evidence and lines of questioning, etc. Months ago, I was of this thought process:

Statistically, and logically, Scott killed his wife. When a spouse is murdered, it is almost always the beloved that did it. No one else loves you or hates you as much as your own family. People get killed at random once in awhile, but not normally.

However, I don't think they can prove he did it. His actions make him look guilty as hell, but I don't think they can pin the murder on him, aside from circumstantially.

But that's not why I'm writing now. I turned on the news tonight, and saw another cliche' that I am thoroughly sick of. In the California town where the trial is taking place, some jackass dumped a boat similar to Scott Peterson's in the middle of the sidewalk, and within minutes, it's being filled up by ghouls toting flowers, stuffed animals, hand-drawn signs and candles. A shrine is born. It was disgusting.

Anytime someone famous dies, or in Lacey's case, dies and becomes famous, we have now taken to ridiculous mass displays of public grief. Princess Diana's death was the first time I remember seeing something like this. People dropping off flowers, teddy bears, and all manner of crap. I mean, it was a shame when it happened, but I was pretty shocked to see normally reserved Brits behaving this way.

But now, it's just a never-ending thing in America. We see them every day, too. Somebody dies on the road in an accident, and for months, we get to drive by a makeshift cross, little signs, flowers, and whatever else. I'm sure you may feel that this is the deceased's loved ones paying tribute, but you are wrong. This is littering. Assuming that the person is not buried by the side of the road, they probably have a nice grave somewhere. Pay tribute there. Stop imposing your grief on me. It's not that I don't care, but I have enough on my plate without having to add your tragedy to my daily commute. I'm not telling you to internalize the grief and get an ulcer, but there is a word, decorum. Please look it up.

A quick aside: As long as I have been alive, I have never seen anyone erect a crappy little Star of David by the side of the road where some poor Jewish person has met his or her fate. I'm quite sure that Jews die in cars at a similar rate to the rest of the population, but unlike Christians, they don't pester you with proselytizing, and that carries into how their dead are honored, apparently. I guess it's a matter of confidence.

To me, it's a sign of insecurity to constantly talk and recruit the way Christians do. If you're so sure of yourself, why must you yell so loud and so long? I know that when I'm in an argument, and I begin to sense that I'm wrong, I tend to get louder. It obscures the fact that I'm off track. Most people act that way. I'm very comfortable in my relationship to things spiritual, and I really don't discuss it much, even when asked. I don't need validation from anyone else.

But as for these massive, public displays, just admit it: They are not about the dead, they are about you.

"Look! I'm broken up about this awful thing! See! I'm sad! I'll go on somehow, but look at me grieve!"

I'm just sick of it. Even the dead must be an excuse for you to be a victim. More reasons for you to confirm how hard your life is, and how truly wonderful you are to be carrying on. The problem with life is, you get up each day, go to work, deal with your responsibilities, and for some reason, no one hands you a medal. It's so unfair. So you go on Jerry Springer, or some shit reality show, so you can show the world how wonderful and special you are. I find it pathetic.

First of all, live your life. If you have to work, try and find something that you like to do. At the very least, find something that you can tolerate. Stop complaining about your fucking job, no one cares. Everyone is annoyed that they have to work for a living; it's a flawed system we live in. There may be little joy in your work, but it is an honorable thing to do what's necessary to survive. No one is going to give you anything, but I will give you respect for honoring your commitments.

When you aren't at work, enjoy yourself. Get some rest. Do what you like. Life is short, and you need to have fun with it. However, if fun for you is going to the Peterson trial, I hope your inbred relatives put up a nice cross by the side of the road for you very soon.

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