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Friday, May 13, 2005
I'll be damned

My life is going to get simpler in a way. And probably more complicated in other ways. I don't care.

The deal is, for the past two years, I've had two jobs, one full time, and the other part time. The full time one is a pretty good gig, I like the work, there are still a lot of things to learn, and I have a really good boss. I don't get bothered with a lot of supervision or petty crap, and as long as my work gets done, I'm golden. As a bonus, the other supervisors and even their bosses are a little afraid of me. That came about as a result of them discovering all at once that I'm not a complete fucking moron. It's a fun story, and maybe I'll tell it someday.

There are a couple of negatives, like with anything. First of all, it's an industry that goes through cycles of boom and bust, and I'm always under the impression that layoffs are imminent. The other, and ultimately larger factor is that, no matter how long I work there, I'll never make decent money. And that sucks, because I would work there until I was 70 if I was making some money. The work is satisfying, although I have no idea why.

My part time job is another pretty good job, although because I value my free time, I don't know if I'd have kept it if it wasn't vital to making the rent. But my boss was pretty flexible about my hours, and there were many days where I worked both jobs to help out. It added up most times to only having one day off every two weeks, and I'm sure most of you know what kind of a grind that gets to be, even if you like your work. The body gets worn down.

About 6 weeks ago, everyone at my second job, including my boss, got fired. It isn't an uncommon thing in this business, and is part of the reason for my ambivalence toward it. I'm friends with the people there, and it's frustrating when it happens. The honchos pulled me aside and let me know that they wanted me to stick around, and that they would explain later.

For the past six weeks, I've still been going in on my days off, and doing various odd jobs around the office, in order to get some hours. I told them that not working was kind of a problem money-wise, so they found some stuff for me to do. I'm grateful for that. You know how it is when you live near the precipice.

The upshot is, this week, they finally revealed their plans, and what they have in mind for me, and it's going to be pretty good. The offer they made me will allow me to quit my other job, and still come out better financially. It'll be a lot of work, but it'll still allow a lot more free time, and a more regular schedule. But, hopefully, maybe, I'll finally be able to buy a house.

I'm a simple person. I don't want things really. As I've said before, I can look at a nice car, or other things, and appreciate the quality or beauty. I just don't need stuff. A house is different. I want to buy one, and it's mine. If I want to knock out walls, or paint it, or sell the damn thing, I can do it. With any luck, I should be able to buy one soon. And that makes me uncharacteristically upbeat. I'm sure it will pass, and I'll get back to the shittiness that you've come to expect out of this fine blog.

In the meantime, I have to give my two weeks notice, and I'm a bit sad about that. Like I said, I like everything about the job except that it won't allow me to attain the one goal I've set for myself. It really is unfortunate. I'm going to miss some of the people I work with, and frankly, I do a horrible job staying in touch with people. I'm just bad at it. I will try to do better this time, but I know how I am. Well, maybe I can have some of them over when I buy my home. It's a truly great way to squeeze gifts out of your friends.

I may write more about some of the more interesting people I've met there, perhaps soon.


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