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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well, shock of all shocks, it turns out that the person who treasonously leaked the name of a CIA undercover operative to the press is none other than White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. I respect Rove's intellect. I mean, he is one crafty bastard. But his politics and loyalties are so far askew that it's nearly inconceivable.

A brief background, if that's even possible.

On July 6th, 2003, Joseph C. Wilson IV published an editorial in the New York Times.


Basically, it said that he had investigated the charges of African nations supplying fissionable material to Saddam Hussein, and there was just nothing to it. Wilson was ambassador to Gabon for several years in the early 90s, and is familiar with the workings of governments in Africa. He is not some dilettante. The report embarrassed the Bush White House.

Eight days later, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Robert Novak publishes the following column:


Novak's commentary was mostly in regard to Wilson's essay published the previous week. However, the following paragraph is where the problem lies:

"Wilson never worked for the CIA, but his wife, Valerie Plame, is an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me Wilson's wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report. The CIA says its counter-proliferation officials selected Wilson and asked his wife to contact him. 'I will not answer any question about my wife,' Wilson told me."

Wilson hadn't mentioned his wife in his NY Times piece. How did Novak find out classified information about an undercover CIA operative? Ah, yes, "senior administration officials." Well, why would highly-placed men such as these blow Valerie Plame's cover?


These petty hacks, angered because someone dared speak the facts about our mindless march to war in Iraq, didn't even bother to refute Wilson's charges. Instead, they put his wife, an agent of the United States government, at extreme risk, merely to satisfy their need for revenge.

This is the kind of pettiness we've seen time and time again from the people currently in charge.

Wilson rightly complained that the government had hung his wife out to dry, and on
September 16, Scott McClellan at a White House press briefing, is asked "Now, this is apparently a federal offense, to burn the cover a CIA operative. . . . Did Karl Rove do it?" He replied, "I said, it's totally ridiculous."

In June 2004, President Bush himself said that when the leaker was identified, he or she would be fired and possibly much more. After all, it is a felony to endanger an operative this way.

Finally, this week Karl Rove, just two years after committing this treasonous act, decided to come forward, and admitted that it was he, in fact, who had spoken with Robert Novak about Joseph Wilson's wife. Why did he come forward now, some may wonder? Well, h
e waited until after he had gotten his boss re-elected. There will be no political price paid for his crime against the country.

And besides, nothing is going to happen to him.

How can I say that? No one in this criminal White House has ever paid for any of the crimes it has committed against the United States. Who took the blame when Enron scammed millions out of their retirements? Who took flack when the White House ignored repeated warnings about an impending al-Qaeda attack on the United States? Whose job was lost when we marched to war with a country that posed absolutely no threat to us? Or when the administration-sanctioned abuses at Abu Ghraib came to light? When millions were added to the ranks of medically uninsured? When gay marriage and flag burning were used to distract from urgent issues? When the separation of Church and State was threatened? When Halliburton reaped billions through no-bid contracts? When Tom DeLay repeatedly violated Texas election laws? When the Medicare bill went from 400 billion to 550 billion? When taxpayer money was used to promote the Administration's flawed agenda and programs through supposedly "unbiased" commentators? Antonin Scalia's conflict of interest regarding the Cheney Energy Task Force case? The President's AWOL period during his "crucial" National Guard service?
Guantánamo Bay torture?

How many more have there been, and will there be? This is hardly an exhaustive list. Halliburton itself is pages upon pages of malfeasance.

And now this. Karl is a clever guy and he knows that we will spend a month, maybe two, stamping our feet about this, and then the fall television season will kick off, and we will forget all about it. We are getting dumber and lazier by the minute.

In a bi-partisan Congress, impeachment proceedings would have been initiated years ago. But today, party loyalty is more important that justice, winning at all costs is valued over truth, and faith is being fancied over reason.

Even in my short lifetime, America has been a great country, but I feel like that's all over now. As we slide into the inevitable theo-corporatocracy that we have blindly insisted upon, I wonder why we have done this to ourselves. Sometimes, it is important to pay attention. Sometimes, we must think when it would be simpler to merely believe. And sometimes, we must do what is right, even there is a lot of fucking work involved.

Christians are the majority in this country, and they consider themselves moral, and they love President Bush. How can you continue to support a man of such obviously low character? A man who has never sacrificed of himself in any way? A man bereft of understanding for what the working man goes through? A man who uses Jesus like a lapel pin, to prove his character, when his actions reveal his sickening true nature?

We must demand justice in this case. We must take a stand on something, and unfortunately, as of this writing, we are 1748 American soldiers too late to stand against unjust war in Iraq. If Karl Rove can be served with the justice that his criminal behavior so richly demands, then maybe anything is possible. Maybe this country can be set right again. Maybe the lives of soldiers and Iraqis can be spared.

And maybe pigs will fly out of my ass.

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