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Sunday, July 17, 2005
What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. Karl Rove.

Because I want to be informed, I read the paper each day. The Rove/treason story has gone from Page 1, to page 6, to page 10, to gone. No one cares. It's still being covered somewhat, because the press finally has a story worth it's time. But people just don't care. The President is "a good Christian man," and if Rove is his friend, then all of this must be untrue.

The latest, of course, is that Rove got Valerie Plame's name from columnist Robert Novak. The tried and true "blame the press" gambit, which in this day and age, never seems to fail. The press is so damned liberal, what with your Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Reillys, and the literally hundreds of unimaginative local wannabees spewing half-truths over the airwaves. Aside from Air America, my guess is, you don't have a liberal talker on the air where you live. The liberal press is such a myth, it's the Willie Horton, the Silent Majority, the McCarthy list of our age.

The biggest irony, of course is, that the same working class Americans who deride the liberal, godless media, are the same people who make wholesome shows like I Want To Marry Millionaire, Banging The Boss, and I Fellated A Midget runaway successes. People bitch about the media, but for the wrong reasons. They complain that it is undermining the morals of our country, and maybe it is. All the media ever does is give us exactly what we want. We should be complaining about the lapdog approach that the press takes toward a criminal administration being run by an incompetent president, and his treasonous advisers.

"I would, but there's something good on."

I'm watching the Rove thing fade away. It's not gone yet, but it will play out as I have written previously. You get what you deserve. Choke on it.

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