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Friday, August 12, 2005
So, so busy

A woman named Cindy Sheehan has traveled to Crawford, Texas to speak with President Bush about the war in Iraq. W is there in the midst of a five-week vacation at his ranch, and has spent fully 20% of his presidency on holiday. I can't bitch about that; if I could get that amount of paid time off, I'd be all over it.

But who is Cindy Sheehan, and why does she want to meet with George Bush?

Cindy had a son, 24 year-old Casey, who was in the Army in Iraq, where he was killed in April of 2004. She would like a chance to ask the president, face to face, for the reason that her son had to be killed, to ask why we are still in Iraq, to ask how many more grieving mothers his policy plans to create. Even though, as of this writing, she has been waiting over six days, he has refused to meet her.

And I understand his position to a certain degree. He is the President of the United States, leader of the free world, and is a very busy man. He would never have time to meet all of the citizens whose families have paid so dear a cost for this war of choice, let alone all of the people who would want to ask him why this policy or that directive has ruined his or her life. He has a lot on his plate. Frankly, he needs a vacation.

Wait, this is so perfect. If she could just manage to somehow catch the president in Texas while he is on sabbatical, surely he could take a little bit of time to meet this woman, look her in the eye, and give her a concrete reason why she will never see her son again.

That's a hard thing to do, admittedly. I wouldn't want to do it. But this certainly fits the pattern of little George's life, always taking the easy way out, and having flunkies clean up your messes. It's what the sons and daughters of privilege enjoy, and you don't.

If he was in Washington, I would agree that he should not really feel obligated to meet Cindy Sheehan. A movie star doesn't have time to meet fans that show up at the studio, an athlete can't sign autographs for 50,000 fans that show up for a game, and the president can't have meetings with everyone that shows up at the White House. But he is on vacation.

If he had any brains, and his handlers weren't so fucking arrogant, he'd have met with her on the first day. He would have tried to explain that her son's sacrifice was not in vain, and that we are there for good and humanitarian reasons. He would have spoken to her like she was a real person, and not some stupid, mindless, knee-jerking electorate, and he might have at least soothed this poor woman, instead of making her a cause celebre'.

My guess is, eventually, he will feel compelled to do just that. This is an administration with absolutely nothing good to report. When you say to the American people that things are good because our deficit is only 350 billion dollars instead of the projected 430 billion, you have run out of positive news.

Talk to her, you stupid, self-righteous fuck. You are so busy with brush clearing? Speak with her, and answer her questions, the questions that are on the mind of all Americans. If this country wasn't so blinded by partisanship, even your supporters would have called for your impeachment by now. You may not be much of a leader, but you could try acting like a real human being just once in your life, you shit.

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