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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Now You've Gone Too Far

The United States Congress has passed and renewed the obviously unconstitutional so-called Patriot Act. It has ceded its duty to be the branch of government that declares war to the Executive branch. It has permitted the president of the United States to ignore the laws that are inconvenient to him. It has looked the other way when members of the US military tortured detainees in Iraq. It has done nothing to stem the practice of "extraordinary rendition" in which the government deports prisoners, often without charges, to countries that permit torture. It has approved tax cut after tax cut for the wealthiest, running up enormous deficits, all while Americans die in the deserts of Iraq. It has ignored the fact that the president has bragged about tapping phones within the United States, without a warrant. It has seen fit to downplay the NSA's data mining operations which have collected data on virtually every telephone call made within the US since 2001.

The Congress of the United States has allowed George W. Bush to use the Constitution as a doormat, and to declare civil liberties as inconvenient.

This week, the FBI, signed search warrant in hand, raided the capitol office of a congressman charged with taking bribes. Congressmen from both parties inveighed against this unprecedented intrusion into their kingdom.

So finally, the Congress of the United States is concerned about the rights of citizens against the wants of a police state.

Too late. Fuck you. Die.

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