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Monday, June 19, 2006

So, I've had a couple of drinks, and I'm pretty relaxed. Some observations:

I'm not what you would call hyperactive by any means. But I do tend to fidget, and I also like to pace if I'm up on my feet. These two activities are pretty much the only exercise that I get. But when I have drinks, I can sit still, and even I notice it. I understand the reason why that is, but I still think it's interesting, and wonder if I shouldn't stay a bit hammered all of the time.

My personality doesn't change at all when I drink, as it does with some people. I lived with three guys in a rathole house when I was in college, and it was a great deal of fun. These guys were big drinkers, and I wasn't. I'm still not, really. One of them, Matt, could get loaded on beer, and he would be just a goofier version of his normal, good-natured personality. But if you gave that boy brown liquor, well, it was asshole time, plain and simple. Matt got ditched a lot when he was drinking whiskey, and it's pretty shocking that he never got jailed for taking a swing at a cop. I wonder why that is...

Me, I just get sleepy, although I don't find that alcohol helps me sleep. If it did, I'd drink every night, probably. People who sleep well are more fortunate than they know.

The slight dizziness has its charms, as well. I suppose that people that don't like roller coasters probably don't care for the sensation, but I think the dizziness is sort of funny. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I had vertigo. Or the equally maddening High Anxiety.

I might invoke Mel Brooks while sober, but this appears to be a first, blog-wise.

So, the buzz is fading a little bit, and as you see, through disappointed eyes, probably, I'm the same boring ass that I always am. I've never tried heroin, and I'm not inclined to do so, but there are days I think it would be nice to be tranquilized all of the time, and never bother thinking about things going on in the world. That's escapist, I guess, but I haven't taken what could be called a legitimate vacation since I was in college. Chicago and New York in the heat of summer...

Great days, indeed. I wish I had taken photos.

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