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Sunday, July 30, 2006

In one of my rare departures from political bitching and complaining, you know, "analysis," I recommended to you some fun television viewing. It occurs to me that some of you self-righteous pricks are too good to watch tv, so I'll offer some quality diversions in other forms of media.


I've been a big fan of Rick James for years, and Dave Chapelle's tribute of sorts over the past few years has put him back in the spotlight. This momentum was slightly diminished by Rick's untimely death almost two years ago, but the music is still just phenomenal. So, late one night, I gets to jonesing for a song he did with The Temptations, "Standing On The Top." This song has been nearly impossible to find, but I head to amazon.com and discover that an anthology that came out in 2004 not only has the song, but the 12" version clocking in at just under ten minutes.

Hell yeah.

All the other big songs are on there, and real fans will be pleased by the depth of this collection. Grab one up, and get asses to movin'.


I finally made it out to see Clerks II, which for Gen X slackers, is required viewing, especially given that the first movie was one of the funniest ever.

"In a row?!?"

This one has everything, angst, color film, Rosario Dawson, that functioning retard Jason Mewes, and is probably the crudest thing ever made. Obviously, I highly recommend it.

Without giving anything away, I will simply say that you will enjoy Clerks II much more if you have seen Silence Of The Lambs a number of times.


I'm currently reading Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean.

that John Dean.

The gist of the book deals with the fact that there is a certain percentage of the population who are very susceptible to authority, defer to it, never question it, and will fight to the death to defend authority, even when it is not in their own best interests. It's interesting, and disturbing, and it's something you ought to look at before November. You may be less surprised by the results if you read it first.

Well, all of that ought to keep your lips moving for awhile, so enjoy. I will not be reviewing any plays, so just fucking forget it.

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