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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Boy, talk about conflicted

Today has been an interesting day, as I found out around 7am that former Enron CEO and founder, Ken Lay had died. My feelings on the subject are mixed, as regular readers might have guessed.
"Because you feel funny being happy that another human being has died?"

No, because I am glad he is dead, but wish he had lived another fifteen years so he could have rotted in prison, as he so richly deserved.

Lay, of course, was the man who helped design the scheme to bilk consumers out of millions of dollars by manipulating energy prices. When this pyramid collapsed in 2001, thousands lost their jobs, and thousands more watched their retirement savings disappear like so much afflatus. This man had his hands directly in the ruination of many lives and dreams.

For these crimes, he was convicted, and was due to be sentenced in October, most likely for decades. The idea of Lay entering the system had great appeal for me, and I wish he had lived long enough for me to see the video of him taken into prison in handcuffs.

I'm told that Kenny Boy had planned to appeal the verdict, but as we now see, his heart wasn't in it.

I also hoped to see Lay's close, personal friend, George W. Bush, placed in the awkward position of whether or not to pardon this convicted felon and reprehensible human being. I knew Bush wouldn't have been able to help himself, seeing as how he's gotten away with every stupid and criminal thing he has ever done in his life. He'd have granted the pardon, and then said something about "forgiveness is what Jesus was all about" and then Kenny would be free to live the rest of his life in one of his many mansions. Americans would have bought it, too, because it wasn't his fault that Big Government was so regulation-happy, what with all of its rules and such.

Lay had his massive coronary in his massive home in Aspen, Colorado. I have never been to Aspen, but I am told that it is quite nice, and that this home was probably not in the ghettos of Aspen. So, once again, people convicted of multiple felonies are living much nicer lives than you, and apparently, dying much richer deaths as well.

So, I can't lie, I feel cheated by his death. Is wanting to see another human being suffer a bad thing? Meh, I never claimed to be a good person, anyway.

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