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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And one

It's been a year since Katrina blew ashore in New Orleans. We were all inundated with the pictures of the colossal failure of the government, and the almost unimaginable human suffering that took place, and is still taking place. Along with other things weighing heavily on my mind at that particular moment, there was this seemingly never-ending nightmare. American citizens, stuck on roofs and balconies, floating in fetid water, baking in the sun by the side of Interstate 10, and starving to death in the Louisiana Superdome. It was absolutely unbelievable, and as I revisit these things in depth a year later, I find myself in a similar mindset.

I don't really get depressed, fortunately. But I think that at the time, with all of the things I was worried about, I probably was. No need to worry, I'm not the suicidal type. Murder-suicide, maybe...

But I was worn down, no question about it. To see that kind of misery taking place, and knowing there is very little that I, alone could do about it, just takes the piss out of you. Fortunately, the grief and nearly complete lack of sleep were supplanted by my old reliable ally: Righteous fucking fury.

By August 31st, the devastation and death were really becoming known all around the world, and we began asking, "Where the hell is the federal government?"

And the question remains.

This week, George W. Bush remembered New Orleans, and flew down for another photo op. The fact that this bastard has the gall to even set foot inside of New Orleans is remarkable. His cronyism where FEMA was concerned probably cost hundreds their lives, and certainly slowed any cleanup efforts. But he really stepped up and owned it, saying the following:

"I take full responsibility for the federal government's response, and a year ago I made a pledge that we will learn the lessons of Katrina and that we will do what it takes to help you recover."

Full responsibility.

He is taking full responsibility. Which means what? Nothing.

Listen to me, you negligent failure-in-chief. "Responsibilty" would entail you clearing debris from the Lower Ninth Ward instead of brush from your fucking ranch. Responsibility would involve you admitting your failure and resigning. You claim to have been reading Shakespeare this summer, you son of a bitch. Well, Caesar, where is your Brutus? Or perhaps seeing all of your plots and plans go awry, you could fall on your sword as Cassius. You owe it to us.

A student of history such as yourself should look to the Japanese to see what a "war leader" such as you ought to do after he has led his nation into a pre-emptive war of choice. Tojo used a gun, but failed. I suggest you either use something bigger, or ask Vice President Cheney to assist.

I am an agnostic, but if there is a god, I hope you will be judged accordingly. You have no idea what responsibility means.

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