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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I was considering the workings of my own brain, and trying to figure out whether or not it had any bearing on the way I approach the outside world. What a luxury, to self-indulge about one's own mind. I'm a bore.

So, I decided to itemize the physical manifestations of my wiring.

Write: Left-handed
Mouse: Right-handed
Scissors: Either, mostly right
Throw: Left
Bat: Right
Bowling: Right
Racquet: Right
Basketball shooting and dribbling: Favor left
Kick: Right
Fork and knife: Either
Snap fingers: Right hand only
Shave: Left
Toothbrush: Left
TV remote: Right
Grabbing things: Whichever is closer

So, neurologically, I'm a mess, which probably fails to surprise you. But is it capable of telling me anything about my outlook toward the world in which I live?

I wasn't able to find a great deal of useful information about any studies in regard to ambidexterity and politics, psychology or philosophy, and what I did locate seemed to want to talk mostly about Leonardo da Vinci.

I am not Leonardo da Vinci. I have no artistic talent, I can't make a decent circle or draw a straight line, my spatial abilities are crap, and I've never met Tom Hanks.

So, I wonder if it means anything, or if it's all just stuff that is mostly coincidental. Could someone be inclined to be politically conservative or liberal based on how he brushes his teeth?

Nature versus nurture? Yet another argument I probably won't settle tonight. But Catholic parents have Catholic kids, Republican parents produce conservative offspring (after authority approved missionary-style sex), and that's how generally the way it goes. Some kids rebel, and others just find their own way, but I'll bet if you're out in the world, your politics probably aren't all that different than your parents. Is it who we really are, or just what we know and parrot?

Polly wanna viable third party?

So, that's what I think about instead of being out there making a difference.

posted at 11:16 PM

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