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Monday, August 14, 2006
Tie Goes To The Bastards

We have a ceasefire at the moment in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. It will not last, because peace does not suit the Islamic fundamentalist agenda, but the respite allows us time to reflect.

Hezbollah claims victory, and I have to admit, they put up lot better fight that I thought Arabs were capable of. They may have a great history of science and mathematics, but the Arab prowess in battle is the equivalent of British skill in the culinary arts. Although at least with English cooking, you will occasionally get a whiff of guts.

That's right, I'm insulting everyone tonight.

Israel is not really bothering to claim victory, which in this context, is a defeat. Israel did manage to wipe out a good chunk of Hezbollah's warmaking capability, and probably killed four or five hundred terrorists. There will be a period of rebuilding that capacity, and then Hezbollah will resume it's cowardly attacks.

A lot, too many Lebanese civilians were killed in the crossfire, but considering that Hezbollah never bothered to target military installations in Israel, only civilian population centers, Israel still holds the moral high ground. Some of the civilian deaths in Lebanon may have been the result of sadistic Israeli pilots, but that number is undoubtedly miniscule in comparison to intentional Israeli civilian deaths. I will not, in the interest of fairness, hold Israel to a higher standard than Hezbollah. Those who would ought to read
this piece by David Mamet. He writes well.

Simple advice to my Lebanese brothers and sisters: If you don't lay down with a whore, you don't wake up with a whore.

The problem is that our esteemed president, George W. Bush, has declared Israel the winner in this month-long battle. Given his record of accuracy on, well, pretty much everything, it is clear to even the most biased observer, that Hezbollah must have actually won. That's a kick in the gut.

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