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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Blood and Treasure

It's been a truly awful month in Iraq, as of this morning, at least seventy American military personnel have been killed there. The question that remains is, what are they dying for?

There will be no democracy in Iraq. It is either just not the time, or they do not understand or want it. People are being killed and injured around the clock for a cause that is no closer to reality than it was three years ago. What is the tipping point where the spent blood can't justify the return?

As usual, the administration is completely wrong in the way the have prosecuted this war. You have three choices:

Don't start a conflict that by necessity leads to an unwanted occupation.

Go in with overwhelming force, upwards of half a million troops, and squash religious rebellion.

Do it half-assed, and piss away lives and money in a slow, steady trickle.

Guess which one numbnuts chose?

George Bush has a long, embarrassing history of poor choices, and lack of insight. Never let yourself forget, that this man was unable to find oil in Texas.

I wonder what will happen after the midterm elections. Will a Democratic Congress have the balls to say to Bush, "No more war appropriations until you give us a plan." Money will be made available for a phased withdrawal, but no more cash without some explanation of how this thing is going to get better, or get finished.

Given the nearly $400 billion we've spent so far, and the almost 2800 Americans that have died for this thing, the least you can do is pick a direction.

We're willing to follow, but only if you're able to lead.

posted at 4:29 PM

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