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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I like turkey

I figure, if you give it a really stupid title, expectations will be lowered, which is really my lifelong leitmotif.

I really do like the holiday, and the food, and even the family. I'm in Las Vegas for a couple of days, which is something I'm wont to do a few times a year. I was out this morning, riding around looking at things, which is easy to do in Vegas.

But I stayed off the Strip, cruised around in East Las Vegas, and got lost, which I enjoy more than just going someplace. I saw some interesting stuff, which I had not stumbled across on any of me previous visits.

Driving out Bonanza Road, I just sort of noticed the old Moulin Rouge. "Oh no, that horrible movie?" you scream. No, the actual old casino, the first in town that served an integrated clientele. Guys like Sammy Davis and the Mills Brothers could perform in the other casinos in town, but after the show, they had to beat it, so the Moulin became a good place to see superstars in a less formal setting, and talk about how you were being screwed by The Man. I just assume that's how it was.

It had been closed down for quite some time, and it was gutted by a fire in 2003, so all that's actually left is the front face of the building, and the neon sign. It's pretty pathetic, especially given its historical significance.

I also saw an old Hudson Hornet automobile, a 1953, according to the owner, who wondered why I was looking at his car for ten minutes. I'm sure I had seen one before, but I can't say definitively. They weren't really flashy like a lot of cars were back then, and it was relatively small by those standards. The owner opened the hood up, and the engine was just bizarre, something called a "Twin H" which looks like two steam radiators set against one another, but apparently the design really boosted horsepower, and that was all that mattered.

I've only been here for fifteen hours, so I expect that I'll see other things of interest before I leave.

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