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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Partisan Hackery

I have not commented on the most recent of the myriad Bush administration scandals, that being the firing of federal prosecutors for not adequately going after Democrats in a naked politicization of justice.

But today, I read that Republican Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire has called for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign. The other Senator from that state, Judd Gregg, was asked about Sununu's statement, and I was so irritated by the stupidity of his response, that I wrote him an actual letter. A copy appears below:

Senator Gregg,

Today, your colleague from New Hampshire, John Sununu, called on Alberto Gonzales to resign in the wake of the US Attorneys firings scandal. When asked for your thoughts, you said this:

"I don't believe the attorney general should resign over this. I don't believe his ability to pursue the terrorist threat has been compromised to the extent that he should resign."

You may be surprised to learn that the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer for our nation. In addition to fighting terrorists, his purview includes rape and murder, drugs, harassment in the workplace, and a myriad of other criminal activity. In other words, well over 99% of his job does not have anything to do with terrorism. In light of this fact, can you please explain to me how your response today had anything to do with the issue at hand?

I eagerly await your reply.


(dickhead blogger)

I am not holding my breath.

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