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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The heavens have opened up, and after many weeks of clear skies, there is rain falling. It's cold outside, as it tends to be at this hour, but I have opened doors and windows so that I may hear it. If I was smarter, I would run off to bed and try to sleep as it falls, but I prefer to sit and listen for a little while yet.

Thunderstorms are maybe the best thing about nature. I know that lightning kills more people each year than tornadoes and syphilis combined, but I do love a raging storm.

Once, I was driving across the Arizona desert in July, and a huge storm blew up. Growing up in the Midwest, violent weather doesn't phase me, but this was kind of eye-opening. Most places, obviously, there are things that obscure your view: Trees, houses, buildings, whatever. Out there in the desert, there was ground, and there was sky. Nothing else. When the lightning started up, you could see it extend for miles across open sky with nothing to block its vastness. I had never been able to enjoy it that way before, and I was grateful to be in a car, and not stuck outside.

Still, I like the thunder best. The encompassing aspect of rumbling thunder is one of the best things in nature. In the society we live in, everything is designed to make us feel big and in control, and I like the reminder that there are enormous processes at work that will do as they will, and there's not one damned thing that can be done to stop them.

Most people seem to prefer sunny weather, but the inclement stuff always seems to boost me. It makes things grow, it cleans my car, and it gives me an excuse to be a slug.

Give me one reason* to move to Seattle, and I'm outta here.

*and $100,000 to get started


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