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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Back-breaking labor

Today at work, just as I'm close to finishing up, I walk out of one room into a hallway where a co-worker of mine is just strolling up to talk to a few people. She works elsewhere in the building, but she's cool, and it's always good seeing her. She looks to be ready to leave, and is holding a cup of tea she made, presumably for the ride home. As she walks up, some of the tea sloshes out onto the floor.

She wanders away to go get some paper towels out of the kitchen area, and I go into an office nearby to sit around shooting the breeze. My co-worker comes back and starts pushing tea around on the floor with the paper towels, but they aren't exactly name brand, so not much progress is being made. I see that she's having problems, and walk to the kitchen, where I find exactly what I'm looking for:

A bottle of water.

As I walk back to the spill area, she is walking back toward the kitchen to get even more towels. I approach the spill, throw about one-third of the bottle of water onto the floor, and go sit down in the office again.

She gets back, and starts sopping up liquid off of the floor again. She is laughing because "it just seems like these things aren't helping at all." She turns around again to go after a small puddle and in the full view of five other people, I throw more water on the floor behind her, then sit back down. The light comes on for everyone.

"How long have you been pouring water on the floor?"

"Since about thirty seconds after she spilled the tea."

I throw my water bottle into the corner of the office, because it's apparent that there is about twice the amount of liquid on the floor than could fit in her cup, but she's down there, pushing paper towels all over the place, while I stare at her blankly and everyone else hides their faces in their hands.

She gets wise to this scam a couple of minutes later, and has a good laugh about it, which is cool, since like I said, she's good people. This is just the latest in my formerly-but-no-longer-un-named series called "Random Spontaneous Dickery." I'd do this stuff at home, but I don't have enough people.

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