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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Fun with local news

I am poring over the internet a few days ago, when I stumble across a news story on a local TV news website about pets being attacked by raccoons someplace. The story was certainly compelling enough, but what I really enjoyed about it was how unbelievably poorly it was written. I'd link it from here, but it has been corrected, I suspect, because of a letter I emailed to the guy whose name and photo were at the top of the page.

I should add, that I set my account to show sender as "The Late Ed Murrow." And we're off!

Sent: Tue 9/4/2007 8:59 PM
To: {redacted}
Subject: Gotta ask

Did you read this before you stuck your name on it? Because I'd swear it was written by a graduate from an ESL program. Leave it up, though, it's very funny.

Be well,


A couple of days later, this lands in my in box:

--- "{redacted}" wrote:

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. No, I did not read it before my "name was attached". Since you're such a journalism expert you should know--we report the story and then the web editors take our stories and transcribe them. Writing for TV doesn't always translate to writing for print. I know. I used to write for The Los Angeles Times.

But I'm glad you received so much joy in pointing it out and so much esteem that you would call yourself the "late ed murrow".

My guess is, his time in LA was not spent proofing Miss Manners column. So I reply:

Sorry for the delay, my snark filter was temporarily overwhelmed.

You may be surprised to learn that I am not a media expert. And apparently, you would also be utterly astounded to find that most people who look at the news on your website are not, either. It is your name at the top of the article, and us poor, dumb hicks out here on the interwebs are not sophisticated enough to know that it is your editors making you appear foolish, and not sheer laziness on your part, or worse. Perhaps you ought to put the bit about working at the LA Times in your station bio, which would put the "print journalist slumming" into perspective for us, the great unwashed.

But credit where credit is due: Your rebuke of me was top notch, although I would have preferred to see you use a comma to combine the last two sentences in the first paragraph. Alas, none of us is perfect, and I'm sure it was your editor's fault, anyway.

Best of luck!


I strongly suspect that we are not done here. I will post updates as warranted, and stay tuned, because at 11, I will blog which common household item is a ticking time bomb, waiting to kill you all.

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