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Monday, November 19, 2007
This and that, 2007 19 November

I am quite pleased to see a Republican presidential candidate make a speech stating that the US needs to break its dependence on foreign oil. And, following in Rudy's great tradition of sound judgment (Bernard Kerik, putting NYC's emergency responce HQ on top of the WTC, marrying his cousin, etc), he made this speech at a NASCAR race. Irony aside, at least he was clever enough to hold off on announcing his four-point plan on how we should all stop fucking our sisters.

Americans are reading less for pleasure than ever. The good news is, readership of my blog is climbing, but then, no one has ever read it for pleasure.

Fred Thompson, striving for relevance, announced yesterday that Terry Schiavo should have been kept alive, despite her own stated wishes, and those of her husband. I just can't imagine why Fred Thompson cares so much about keeping a person alive who is in a vegetative state and brain dead - Oh, right...

Marauding bands of thieving monkeys are on the loose in India, and they have been swiping cell phones, and sodas from refrigerators. In other words, they seem to be interested in the exact same things as high school students.

"What did it say?  I was putting my eyeliner on and attempting auto-erotic asphyxiation."

And you thought Muslim fundamentalists hated us now, just wait until we start beaming MTV to the UAE.

Thanksgiving is this week, but don't overdo it. Save a little room, there's going to be plenty of delicious whale on your table soon.

Save the blowhole for me!

And finally, that nice lady who makes the turkey? Your grandmother, who has always been so good to you? She's getting more sex than a drunken sorority chick. Bon appetit!

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