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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Ahmadinejad's victory...is YOUR victory?

Iran's president referred to the Guardian Council's confirmation of his "win" in the June 12 election a victory for the people of Iran.

"This election was actually a referendum. The Iranian nation were the victors and the enemies, despite their ... plots of a soft toppling of the system, failed and couldn't reach their aims."

I sit here, and I look at these types of quotes, straight out of the Orwell playbook, and I think, "How the hell do people swallow this stuff? What is the matter with the Iranians that they believe obvious lies spoken by authority?"

But it's not the Iranians. This is just how some people are. John Dean, former White House Counsel under Nixon, wrote a book a few years back called Conservatives Without Conscience. It's a fascinating study, explaining how there is a percentage of the human population, 20-25%, that is simply wired to be hyper-deferential to authority.

When you combine that with a religious culture led by an infallible leader, be he Ayatollah Khameini, or George W. Bush, you will always have a faction that is fearful of any change, or any thought process deemed outside the norm. The people in my own country that act this way scare the hell out of me, my guess is they are no different in Iran.

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