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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Assassination in Tehran

Basij gunmen are assassinating bystanders in Tehran:

Islamic Republic? Sorry, any time you put a religion before the word "republic" or "democracy," it's always a lie. Democracy is difficult enough without imposing ancient and debunked belief systems upon it, and now power is resorting to what it always does: Hanging on to power at any cost.

I don't know what is going to happen in Iran, although I would dearly love to see the mullahs swinging from lamp posts. I would settle for them stepping down and fleeing to exile in Paris, so that we can do this dance again in another 30 years, but I am not hopeful.

I believe the Iranian people have the will and the desire to have a representative and largely secular government, but I don't know if another revolution is possible, at least right now. It is difficult for people who desire freedom to defeat those who prefer to kneel before the pious, because it is almost impossible to defeat heavily armed crazy people. People who wish to live freely are always at a disadvantage against people who aren't afraid to die.

I wish those in Iran the best of luck, your cause is just.

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