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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Differing reports from Tehran

The blog for the National Iranian American Council is quoting “a trusted source who attended today’s silent rally at Baharestan Square” gives a far less dire report of what went on at the rally.

I was there from 5:15 to 7:30. It was very tense. Being out in Baharstan was an act of defiance. No one said anything, there were only a few chants coming from outside the square. Although the police were a lot nicer, the Basij continued to be brutal. No one was allowed to stand in one place, we had to keep on moving. The moment we stood in one place, they would break us up. I saw many people get blindfolded and arrested, however it wasn’t a massacre. I heard that someone was killed, however I didn’t see it.

Still no confirmation of a 19-year old woman being shot to death, although I have seen reports of it from a couple of different sources.

Iran's state-supported English-language outlet, Press TV, reported the rally this way:

Some 200 people have gathered outside Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) building in central Tehran to protest at the result of the country’s presidential election. Protesters, who had gathered in small groups at a nearby subway station in Baharestan Square, were dispersed by security forces. Another group of about fifty people also converged on another square to the north of the neighborhood.

A heavy presence of the police prevented violence in the area. Traffic was light and the police controlled all the routes to and from the areas surrounding the parliament.

The report included this image:

Furthermore, reports from inside Iran via Skype, which still appears to be working, report that Iran's government is using the website www.Gerdab.ir to identify protesters by crowd-sourcing. It has been very difficult to access the site, hopefully it is being attacked and neutralized. Click if you want to help.

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