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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Props to Tehran mayor

Press TV, which is Iran’s state-supported, English-language channel, aired an interview yesterday with Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, who suggested the street rallies should be legalized.

Tehran’s mayor has urged relevant Iranian officials to authorize peaceful opposition rallies, saying the public should have an outlet to express its opinions. In a Tuesday interview with IRIB channel two, Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf said that legalizing street rallies would prevent ’saboteurs who draw weapons and kill people’.

Qalibaf drew a clear line between ‘those protestors who had voted in the presidential election but had doubts about the result’ and ’some saboteurs, taking advantage of the situation’. [...]

Last Monday saw hundreds of thousands of protestors marching the streets of the capital. At least seven people were killed in Monday’s rallies, which turned violent after protestors were attacked by people wearing plainclothes. Iranian authorities also said the police killed at least 13 saboteurs during an ‘illegal rally’ on Saturday.

Tehran’s mayor stressed that the ‘use of force’ was the wrong way to clarify public’s doubts about the election results, calling all ‘the supervisory and executive bodies in the government’ as well as, ‘the media and presidential candidates’ to play a major role in resolving the issues. (italics mine.)

A very interesting turn if events as members of the power structure seem to be, if not supporting the opposition, at least recognizing that demonizing and brutalizing it are not good strategy.

Past reports of the Iranian government using technology purchased from Nokia/Siemens to track cell phone users and spy on mobile calls have prompted protesters to create this:

More as I hear it...

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