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Friday, June 26, 2009
Reader insight

A reader of this blog, Nima, put it this way:

First months after the revolution of 1979, they used the same tactic to eliminate the opposition. The opposition who are either completely demolished or are scattered around the world, like the group "mojahedin" who are in France right now. They executed them with the same accusations as you said. So, we have to believe that they have the power to do so, but I don't think they can do anything right now.

There are two sides for this game: Either Mousavi wins and the election is annulled which makes him enormously powerful (even more than the Supreme Leader who has just drunk the poison because of accepting the annulment)and then he can demolish the conservative side with the help of Rafsanjani, and also take down the Leader from power, revise the constitution and etc.

Or, Mousavi is defeated which will definitely end up in his execution and hundreds of his companions who are already arrested in bulk and are in the stand-by mode(exactly like 30 years ago)! It is said that some of these activists are being tortured to confess that they had planned for another "soft revolution". In this case they would be more at ease to arrest Mousavi (as they don't have any black record of his past). Also the reason he is not arrested yet is that the government is afraid of the people's reaction. Till now, the strikes are not at all numerous and serious, but who knows what happens next.

About the Guardian Council, Mousavi himself said he is not so hopeful about that. Cause this council contains 12 hyper conservatives, 4 of whom have already supported Ahmadinejad directly and one of them is also the spokesman of his government!!!

The show goes on. ;)

Thanks to Nima for your insights, all readers are welcome to share via the comments section!

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