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Monday, June 29, 2009
Recount info

The Guardian Council's vote recount included 10% of randomly selected ballots in Tehran's 22 electoral districts. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the government is admitting a mistake.

Turns out that in one district, Ahmedinejad got more votes than initially reported. So again, go home, nothing to see here.

Paul Salem, of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut said,

“There is a serious crisis of confidence and danger between the state and a large section of the population. I think this anger and discontent right now might have been managed and controlled, it might not erupt again in the next two days or week. But it has not been resolved.”

And that's pretty much it, this is going to be a long-term fight for the people of Iran to free themselves from religious fascism. Not that I particularly favor the secular version. Meanwhile, all people outside of Iran can do is try to keep communications up, so that the truth can be known to all, good and bad.

A political analyst in Iran, asking for anonymity, put it this way:

“It is a divided country now. We have two completely different world views. Ultimately, it is the competition between tradition and modernity.”

Tradition can be a fine thing. But some traditions are wrong, whether codified in scripture or not, and even people of faith inside Iran know it.

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