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Friday, June 26, 2009
Twitter strikes again

Lara Setrakian of ABC News in Dubai is Twittering again. Some samples from the past day or so:

e-source: "Tehran is very very quiet. There's anger & passion, but going out to show it doesn't seem very productive and is very dangerous"

Confirmed firsthand account of another "Allahu Akbar" protester killed on the rootfop, this one in Tehran. #iranelection

Russia calls #iranelection "an exercise in democracy"

Neda's Professor to BBC: 'I've never seen such a thing..the bullets seemed to have blasted inside her chest. She died in less than 1 minute'

just intvwd analyst who thinks Iran authorities are calling the new protests, bringing out front line of protesters so they pick them off

from trusted source, eyewitness at #iranelection protests: the acid attacks were real, dumped on protesters from above.

There has to be a ray of hope, there doesn’t seem to be any. Having said that, things will never be the same. The taboo is broken.

The last one may be the bottom line on this entire thing. It feels like the Iran government is choking the life out of the most overt protests, but the desire to have one's vote counted doesn't just evaporate and disappear. The balance of the events in Iran will take place more slowly, behind the scenes, in meetings in private homes.

But change is coming...

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