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Friday, July 17, 2009
Video from Tehran 17 July

There are reports that Moussavi supporters in Tehran who were unable to get to the Rasfanjani speech, were chanting slogans in other parts of the city.

They had put up roadblocks to prevent traffic flow to that area and would force pedestrians to turn back. There was no violence where we were (east of the Uni), but people we met on the way back from other routes had teargas-reddened eyes and told us “they’re beating people” and that crowds of protesters outside Friday Prayer grounds were “huge.”

Since people couldn’t break out into chants in front of the thug squads, they had to resort to codified slogans. “Marg bar Diktator” (”Death to the Dictator”) alternated with “Marg bar Russiye” (”Death to Russia”) — this was a sly jab at Ahmadinejad-Khamenei due to their alleged alliance with Russia in orchestrating the vote coup (Medvedev had promptly congratulated the fraudulent win and welcomed Ahmadinejad to a regional summit after the elections; Russia is widely believed to give behind-the-scenes support to Ahmadinejad’s government, bypassing sanctions, selling arms, helping build the nuclear plant in Bushehr, etc.)

The day was scorching hot and I heard fellow Mousavites saying that just by being present on the streets, we oblige security forces to stand for hours in the hot sun in their heavy uniforms, helmets, vests, masks … the best revenge we can muster nonviolently!

Elsewhere, this was shot from near Tehran University, where Rasfanjani spoke:

Meanwhile, Basij are still attacking people with cameras:

Iranians are still getting blogs and video out in spite of this brutality.

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