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Monday, August 03, 2009
3 August - update

A BBC report about today's ceremony and protests:

After the ceremony, witnesses said hundreds of people had attempted to hold a demonstration in Vanak Square in the north of Tehran, but that they were dispersed the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij militia and police.

One protester called Maryam told BBC Persian the protest had been peaceful and that they were attacked indiscriminately. “Plain-clothed officers started attacking people from the middle of the crowd,” she said. “People were chased away and many were beaten up. Electric batons and tear gas were being used to displace the crowd.”

There were also reports of a demonstration being prevented by riot police in Vali Asr Square. Mr. Karroubi is also said to have appeared at one rally.

Additionally, Lera Setrakian of ABC News in Dubai tweeted:

A supporter says Karroubi was at today’s #iranelection protest, at Beheshti & Valiasr. Fars News wrote he participated in “illegal protest.”

She also wrote that her source in Tehran told her that

“the buildup of forces around Vanak, Valiasr, Fatemi & Enghelab Square was unprecedented… fearsome.”

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