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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
It's over

When the health care debate began, Congress was quick to throw the best option out the window. Single-payer health care.

"That's Socialism."

It appears we've reached the point where a public option, something that would offer an alternative to monopolistic for-profit health care, is now about to be abandoned by the large Democratic majority in Congress, because the Republicans have insisted:

"No, that's Socialism."

And even before the Democrats can reach the point where they can suggest the completely ineffectual and useless notion of health care co-ops, the Republicans are noting, quite obviously:

"That there would be Socialism."

We will, at some point this year, end up with something called "health care reform." It will be worthless to the average citizen, will further enrich insurance companies and pharmaceutical makers, and will still be declared by the Republicans as a boondoggle, and, who are we kidding - Socialism.

President Obama and the Democrats are worse than worthless, and will deserve to lose many seats in the midterm elections. The Republicans, while transparent and hypocritical, are, if nothing else, consistent.

Did you know that there is only one person in the United States that can have government-mandated health care without being labeled a Socialist?

And Republicans love her, because she has since become cost-effective.

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