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Friday, July 20, 2012
 Aurora, Colorado

So grateful that we've settled down to the usual black and white view of what happened in Colorado this morning.

Ban all guns!         
If everyone was armed, he could've been stopped!

See how simple solutions can be?  Must be satisfying to just leave it at that.

Here's the thing, the Second Amendment allows us to bear arms, and the Constitution is fine by me.  If you want a hunting rifle, have at it.  If you'd like a handgun or shotgun for home protection, be my guest.

Do you have any business with a weapon that is automatic or easily converted?  No, you don't.  I have a problem with the government taking your gun.  I have no problem with them limiting the scale of weapon you're allowed to own.  If you aren't in the active military, and feel you need an automatic weapon, you are a moron, a coward, or both.  You can't have a Howitzer.  You can't have surface-to-air missiles. And you can't have your own nuclear weapon.  The only people that have a problem with those restrictions believe Tim McVeigh is a hero.

If you need a machine gun for hunting anything smaller than a T-Rex, you have no business hunting.  Hunting is a valuable skill that should involve more qualifications than having a trigger finger.  If you can take down a bear with a bow and arrow, then you are a titan as far as I'm concerned.

I suppose we could grandfather in assault weapon ownership for those that already have them.  I would add the proviso that should your weapon be used in a crime, you will also bear responsibility as an accessory.  And if you take said weapon off of your own property, to any place other than a shooting range or for repairs, you go away for twenty years.  No problem, because they're for home protection, right?  This is who I am, I solve problems.

On the other hand, there's the response that we shouldn't do anything because maybe someone armed could have taken out the shooter.  I suppose that may happen one of these days.  I don't believe that even with the gun safety course you took that afternoon at the Y that most humans are capable of responding calmly enough in this situation to stop an assailant without hurting a lot of other people.

When Congresswoman Giffords was shot last year, a legally armed bystander, Joe Zamudio, raced toward the sound of the shots as he unholstered his 9mm.  When he arrived, he saw a young man on the ground and an older man standing over him with a gun.  His finger was on the trigger, but he thought better of it, and grabbed the armed man's wrist, trying to wrestle the gun away.  Other bystanders shouted that he had the wrong man, and that the shooter was on the ground.  Second tragedy narrowly averted.

Given that 40% of adult Arizonans own guns, I suppose it was fortunate that some cowboy didn't start shooting back. 

Another hilarious line of reason is that "I'd rather die fighting back."  It must be awful to be that frightened all the time.  I am just barely smart enough to understand simple statistics, and even I know the odds of me being assaulted any time I leave the house are very low.  Not hit-by-lightning or attacked-by-terrorists low, but pretty low.  I am not afraid when I go outside.  Bad things happen to good people, and they might even happen to me one day, but walking around armed is basically admitting that your fear has defeated your freedom.  You can't go to the store without your gun, because something might happen to you.  It's your right, and your choice to live that way, but even with my cynicism, I'm still enjoying my life more than you are, because I'm not afraid.  Bad guys aren't going to dictate my freedom to live without fear.

I'm sure a lot of concealed carriers will take issue with that, but what are you gonna do?  Shoot me?

I'll leave you with this: If more guns means a safer society, then why isn't the United States the safest country on the planet?

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