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Friday, August 27, 2004
Who is saying "no?"

Ralph Nader made the following statement in the August 2004 edition of
Harper's, and I think it provides a pretty simple way to look at things:

"There's a reason why the unions have the slogan, "Which side are you on?" We should list the major goals for our country, and ask, Who is saying no? Health insurance for everyone: who is saying no? A living wage: who is saying no? It's the corporations, and corporate interests. You can list one after another: tax reform, honest elections. If you want to find out what the problems are in this country - what keeps it from progressing - you should ask who's saying no."

If your state legislature is tossing around the idea of raising the minimum wage, or some other issue of interest to working people, find out who is donating to the opposition of that bill, and put your foot in their asses. They publish this stuff in the newspaper, so read it. If a grocery store chain is sponsoring legislation against wage and benefit protections for it's workers, or any other business, STOP SHOPPING THERE.

This type of crap happens a million different ways, and it's not even that hard to find out. Donations of this type on both sides must be disclosed. Don't give your money to companies that view their own workforce as parasitic scum.

And it's not just about labor, either. Remember the US Mad Cow scare? The current law on the books says that chains that suspect they may be selling infected meat are under NO OBLIGATION to tell the public that they may have sold you a lethal disease right off their shelves. The USDA has made disclosure by grocery stores entirely voluntary.


How can that be? Well, the people who write these laws in Congress are given so much money by agricultural interests that they write legislation that allows these huge conglomerates to get away with what may eventually be murder.

This is what you do. Don't patronize the products from these companies. Don't vote for officials who allow corporations to sell you infected, dangerous products. Whether it's food, cars, whatever, stop sowing the seeds of your death with your own money. A dead consumer can't really make a Fortune 500 company prosper.

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