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Friday, March 11, 2005
Do as we say, not as we do

I can't help it, I have a hard time with hypocrisy. We're all hypocrites in some ways, but a lot of the time it doesn't amount to much, just harmless self-delusion. Of course, I'm speaking about it's effect at the personal level.

But at the state level, it's hard to moralize. At the moment, the United States government is all kazooey over some things happening in the Middle East.

"He's talking about Iraq again! BORING!"

Actually, to be specific, I'm not. Yet.

We'll start with the most recent crisis: Lebanon.

Now, the fact of the matter is that Lebanon is the country equivalent of a comatose whore. Everyone in the neighborhood has stopped by to violate her over the past 40 years. Israel, Syria, Jordan, and of course, Americans and Soviets during the Cold War.

I so miss the Cold War. I slept better at night knowing that I could be incinerated by the Soviet Union. At least if I saw a bright flash and heard a loud noise, I'd know two things:

1) I'd be dead in seconds.
2) Exactly who was responsible.

Now it could be anyone, Al Qaeda, white supremacists, Karl Rove. But I digress...

Lebanon is just helpless, and it's pretty sad. Before the country imploded, it was a prime vacation spot, and had numerous highly regarded universities. It was a crossroads, and as such, a diverse place. That was a long time ago.

These days, the Syrians pull the strings in Lebanon, and the Lebanese government is pretty much a direct instrument of Syria's will. But for some reason recently, Lebanese have been out protesting this influence, and demanded the Syrians get what is commonly known as the fuck out. It's a healthy impulse for a country to want autonomy, and no one know this better than Americans. We tossed the Brits out on their asses, so we know how it is.

The Bush Administration has demanded that Syria get it's troops out of Lebanon now. And I sit here and wonder what moral authority we have to insist on something like this while 150,000 American troops are in Iraq.

Changing the subject, Iraq's neighbor, Iran, is making us very upset, too. It turns out that they have a nuclear program, and it's not just about power plants. Apparently, they covet nuclear weapons. Certainly, when I look at Iran's fundamentalist government, I shudder to consider these fanatics with heavy-duty KaBlammo. And again, our fundamentalist government has made it very clear that we will not sit idly by while these religious fanatics (Iran's I mean), gather mastery of the atom. Atomic weapons are dangerous, and we know this because we dropped some on Japan sixty years ago. They made a hell of a mess, and we would hate to have it happen to us.

How can we have an obscenely large arsenal of nuclear weapons and insist that other nations should not have any? All governments think they are more moral than other ones, and I know Iran's believes it, just as ours does.

But it's relatively easy to see why the people in charge right now don't have any problem having things both ways. They are Baby Boomers.

They spent their youths higher and drunker than an underage visitor to Michael Jackson's house. And now they stand in pulpits all over and tell everyone else to Just Say No. These people avoided Vietnam in droves and now stand patriotic and elected to send your children off to war. Human fucking locusts, and just our luck, the largest generation in American history, in numbers and in weight. Most people fear their retirement will drain Social Security, whereas I fear they won't start dying fast enough.

The reason you people have no credibility is because you are spineless, two-faced, and soft. Syria will stay in Lebanon as we will stay in Iraq. Iran will get it's bomb, and you will hope Israel can handle the problem as they did with Iraq in 1981. You won't fuck with North Korea because a fight with them will exact a cost you are (again) unprepared to pay. Same thing with China, if they decide to take over Taiwan, all we will do is whine and cry to the UN (whose opinion we value so much), and then forget about it. America has no credibility in the world, and no moral authority to insist on a god damned thing. We are leading by example, and we are,and will continue to be, sickened and aghast at the results.

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