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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
My Friend Harriet

There is nothing quite like having it both ways. Make no mistake about it, we all want it like that.

Eat like a pig, and never gain a pound!

Drive a tank and have gas for a dime!

Write a fantastic blog and remain utterly anonymous!

So, sometimes, you can have it both ways. But most of the time, that's a privilege only for the wealthy and connected among us. Like our increasingly out-of-touch president.

After somehow managing to nominate a truly world-class mind as Chief Justice in John Roberts, George has decided that we need a Justice that more Americans can relate to. Someone, who like so many of us, has never been a judge. Someone, who like us, really doesn't have any expertise where the Constitution is concerned.

"I like her! She reminds me of my aunt who helps out at the shelter when she's sober!"

None of that matters, though, because George W. Bush knows her heart. Unfortunately, the rest of us are learning about her head. It really is a frightening little mind there.

She referred to the president, as, and I quote, "The most brilliant man I have ever met."

I don't particularly care for the president. I think his policies and hypocrisy are hurtful and disgusting, and I know he is causing unbelievable damage to this country. I think it will take decades to repair what he is still doing to the United States. I find him to be an average intellect at best.

He is not the stupidest man I've ever seen, I will concede that. He may be the worst president in history, but I will allow that perhaps there have been one or two that were worse. But, come on! Have you ever heard anyone refer to George W. Bush as brilliant? The word simply does not apply!

Either Harriet Miers is full of crap, hasn't left the house much, has suffered a brain injury, or she believes this treacle. Sadly, the first three options frighten me less than the last. This woman, who would replace the brilliant Sandra Day O'Connor comes off like a starry-eyed groupie. This should embarrass all of us.

But, the President knows her heart.

Now, what was it, six weeks ago? Two months? John Roberts went through the same process of confirmation, and was asked a lot of questions. Now, Justice Roberts is a Catholic, and people asked whether that would color his judgment.

"Whoa, hey, wait just a minute!" screamed the administration. "You can't ask this man about his faith, his religion. That's bigotry!"

And, maybe it is. I'll allow that it may be, in a way.

So, when Nominee Miers was announced, having no experience, and seemingly no opinions of her own, the press and the citizenry asked, "Um, so...what can you tell us about this person?"

And instantly, we got a pile of solid info! I found out the name of her church, what denomination she is, when she converted from Catholicism to Evangelical Christianity, all of it!

Because now, the administration needs to have it both ways.

This woman is a lightweight, legally, and apparently intellectually. This has nothing to do with her gender. Bush nominated her because he knows her heart. He knows she will do his bidding, because she is such a groupie. She will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade at the first opportunity, because George wishes it, and she lives to make him happy. She will carry out this Far Right activism from the bench, and you will kiss your remaining civil liberties goodbye. The fact that the only way they can sell her to America is as a Christian is an affront to all of us. It is, once again, the hypocrisy that galls me the most.

Because what was wrong for John Roberts, simply cannot be right for Harriet Miers.

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