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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
No ID Required

Once again, asshat fundies are in court to throw science under the bus.

A bus is a multi-passenger vehicle used to convey many people from place to place. It is powered by an internal combustion engine.

The internal combustion engine was created on Day 5, when God became tired of walking everywhere.

What the hell is wrong with America? So many curious people have invented so many important technologies over 200 years! This country has led the world in science for decades, and yet a majority still want Genesis taught as science? What is the matter with us?

"Not so fast, commie atheist scumbag. Creationism isn't where it's at. This is Intelligent Design. It's science!"

Yes. I like that. Intelligent Design. It still allows me to believe in fairy tales without feeling like such a moron. Come on.

A lot of people don't really understand what this is all about, and then there are others who slyly pretend not to know, in order to seem even-handed. Like the President of the United States, who has suggested that this garbage be taught alongside evolution, because "we have to teach both sides in science class, in order to be fair."


I'll be honest, if you want to talk intelligent design in philosophy class, even in public schools, I'm fine with that. It's good for people to kick around possibilities and theories, and to ponder the nature of the universe. It's important. But not in science class. No. Absolutely not.

And this is where the ID proponents are so clever. I really have to hand it to them. They say things like:

"You are oppressing the debate, and free speech!"


"What are you scared of, anyway?"


"Well, if evolution is the answer, what about ____? YOU HAVEN'T ANSWERED EVERYTHING YET!"

And that's true. Science has not explained everything yet. For that reason, men and women work very hard, using scientific methods to unravel the mysteries that surround us. No, science has not explained everything yet.

But Intelligent Design has not explained anything yet. Nothing. Not one thing.

There are no scientists laboring to prove and explain who or what this intelligent designer is. We all know who they mean, anyway. There is not one shred of science involved with this sham.

ID proponents are very good at getting stupid people interested in this, and even some smart ones. It's effective, and it works most of the time, because people still like easy answers, especially in the United States. There is nothing that science can't make better and faster, except science. I'm sorry, Evolution is a very complicated thing, and I don't pretend to understand all of it. But what I have studied makes sense. It's entirely logical. And I don't think that evolution is something only for atheists. There is still no reason a supreme being couldn't have started the whole process without having to guide every tiny step along the way. It's ok.

This is a lengthy piece, but it really gets to the crux of the debate. There is no controversy about Intelligent Design. There is no science to Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is Creationism in a lab coat.

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