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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Paul Wolfowitz

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Paul Wolfowitz got screwed.

This guy, one of the main architects of the failed Iraq policy, later named head of the World Bank, is not the kind of person I feel sorry for, and I can't say that I'm quite to that point. He's got a lot of blood on his hands.

But he just got screwed with his pants on.

When Wolfowitz was being considered for the World Bank gig, he informed the board that he had a relationship with someone already in the bank's employ, and wanted to go on the record so that there were no issues with impropriety. The board told him, no problem, we just have to fire her.

I should say that "her" is Shaha Ali Riza. She had been there for ten years.

This seems patently unfair, and Wolfowitz asked if the board would find her another job that would avoid a conflict of interest within the bank. He was told that he would have to do that himself.

No conflict of interest there, eh World Bank board of directors?

So, Wolfowitz follows the board's instructions, gets her a job that, given her tenure, she'd have probably gotten anyway, and now she's gone, and he's gone. He seems to have been up front about everything from before he started there, tried to avoid being involved in anything that had to do directly with Ms. Riza's department, and even asked for her to be considered for other work by neutral third parties. I'm really not sure what else he could have done to avoid all of this except to have not taken the job.

And that seems to be the point of all of this. Wolfowitz is a bad man, let's ruin his life, and his partner's in the bargain.

Nothing good has been done here. There is nothing whatsoever to be proud of. No wrongs have been righted, and no one has been avenged. Paul Wolfowitz got screwed.

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