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Friday, June 15, 2007
Paul Krugman owes me a dollar

Paul Krugman is a columnist for The New York Times, an economist, and one hell of a smart guy. During the run-up to the fiasco in Iraq, he was really the only voice saying that there was a lot of BS flying around, and many of the things that he predicted have come to pass. He took a lot of crap for it, and probably still does, for the high crime of noticing that the emperor wears no clothes. I'm a fan.

But now he's ripping me off.

In his column today, Krugman elaborates on a subject that I wrote about over three years ago. Now, since this is important, and his readership is slightly higher, I'm content to let this go. But honestly, acknowledging me would have been the decent thing to do. Or at least get me a gig at The Times.

Keep railing away, Paul. I'm just happy to help.

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