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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
This and that, 3 October 2007

Airline delays in August were at an all-time high. AUGUST. The report would have been made sooner, but part of it was sent to Houston.

This morning, President Bush vetoed the bill to provide health care to kids. Yes, American kids. Don't worry, parents, the government has a program to provide your children with health care once they turn 18. It's called the US Army.

How bad of a mother do you have to be for a court to award custody of your kids to Kevin Federline? I guess Britney will have to go back to using normal airbags while driving.

Several states are considering seceding from the United States. I'm not in favor of another Civil War, but at least if it happens, there isn't any Habeus Corpus in danger of being suspended.

Poland's envoy to Iraq was wounded. I haven't read the story, but I assume the accident occurred while changing a light bulb with about 15 other guys.

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