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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
This and that, 2007 14 November

Scientists announced they have created a cloned primate embryo, in this case, rhesus monkeys. I don't object to cloning on any real moral grounds, except that I think there are more than enough of us here already. Get to work on a male contraceptive patch, egghead.

But it's not all bad news from the world of science. Studies have shown that breast-feeding can prevent food allergies later on. I have no food allergies, and I'm not a baby, but still, I may experience mild swelling in some instances.

For medicinal use, only.

Man in India marries a dog. You may now kiss the bitch.

Speaking of which, Nancy Grace, who gave birth to twins earlier this month, was hospitalized this week. Oh, it looks like someone can't handle the pressure!

A man in New Jersey who claimed to have planted six bombs inside of casinos, was arrested this morning after a long standoff with police. Good night, and good luck, you jackass.

I hope you were the groom.

Rudy Giuliani will start airing his first TV ads in New Hampshire this week. If the ads fail to mention 9/11 or terrorists, I will vote for him.

A moviegoer in China is suing that country's film board for censoring the sex scenes out of Ang Lee's Lust, Caution. There are over 1.3 BILLION Chinese people, I'm pretty sure they know how the hell babies are made.

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