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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
This guy is supposed to be smart?

Last week, Newt Gingrich was interviewed on Al Jazeera by Avi Lewis. Among the other brilliant nuggets to drip from the Faucet Of Genius that is the former House Speaker's mouth, was his assertion that we ought to take out Iran's oil refineries.

Lewis said that Gingrich was on the record as wanting to bomb these facilities. "The Professor" was quick to correct him.

See? Not bombing. Sabotage. What are you? Stupid? We don't have to blow these facilities up, we can just sabotage them. Perhaps we can find a way to put sugar into the enormous gasoline storage tanks. Sabotage! Gingrich would like you to believe how simple it would be, as he states that Iran only has one gasoline refinery in the country. My understanding is that there are at least nine of them in Iran.

The best part is that Lewis actually laughs at Gingrich twice during the interview. The ideas are so patently stupid, that when anyone but Newt says them out loud, it is pretty much impossible to keep a straight face. All this is aside from the fact that Gingrich figures the best way to go about making his brilliant plan come to fruition is by talking about it on television.

Newt Gingrich is a man who has gotten far too much credit for far too long in regard to his intellect. People think he's bright because he has an idea every 10 minutes, but most of them are completely worthless. It is quite easy to see how someone like Sarah Palin can still be taken seriously as a force in Conservative politics when the smartest guy on the team operates like a 9-year old boy with ADD.

Furthermore, "Sabotage Iran's refineries" isn't nearly as catchy as "Bomb, bomb Iran." Marketing, man!

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