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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Watch as I save Social Security

Lots of horseshit floating around about Social Security these days. The truth is, the only thing wrong with the system, is that it doesn't pay out enough. The "crisis" which will occur, if absolutely nothing is done before 2042, is that there won't be enough to pay full benefits at that point. I can solve the problem in one sentence:

Raise my Social Security tax a dollar a week.

There I did it. I'm not even going to suggest that rich people should pay more. I'd like to think maybe it would occur to someone with money to give up, hell two bucks a week, but I don't want to engage in "class warfare" by picking on the defenseless wealthy among us. I pity them so much.

A buck a week from all working people leaves Social Security solvent for another 200 years. My alternate solution is to start killing Baby Boomers.

What on Earth could make you say such a thing? Well, let's take a look back...

Right up until 1945, Americans had a trait called personal responsibility. We preferred to be left alone and not bothered by the government, domestic or foreign. But when it was time to step up, Americans sacrificed, shed blood, and did what was necessary to fight for our country. From the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, World Wars I & II, and all the skirmishes in between, America sucked it up, and stepped to the plate, right up until Germany and Japan were defeated in 1945.

Then the soldiers came home, most of them still in their twenties, and they had earned some normalcy. They had done nothing less than save the world, and the time had come to live the American Dream. They got married, and they bought houses, and they started having kids.

What irony that perhaps the most selfless generation would give birth to the most selfish generation.

These children grew up during the rise of the economic fortune of the Middle Class. They went to school, they came home, and for most of them, life was pretty comfortable. That's pretty much life the way you'd want it.

These Boomers came of age in the 1960's, and they decided that this beautiful world that had been handed to them, still wet with the blood of the previous generation, wasn't good enough. And I'm not talking about the heroes of all shades who marched for civil rights or other just causes. I'm talking about the shiftless bastards who decided that being 18 or 25 or 30 didn't make them adults. Childhood had to be extended for these children, because they were soft. So, they spent ten or fifteen years high and or drunk. Of course, when they started having kids of their own, all they had for you was "Just say no!"

"Oh, sure, the 60s and Disco were great times, and the drugs were phenomenal, but make sure that you never EVER try them! Same thing with casual sex. Just because your parents were slutty trash didn't make it right."


And even when their war started, the ones from the "best families" all took a pass. So much prosperity had allowed this myopic generation to go to college, unlike most of their parents, and they clung to it, suddenly filled with the spirit of learning.

"Hmm, stay in school and get high, or go to Vietnam and fight for my country. Fuck it, let the poor kids do it."

Yeah, I'm talking about the goddamned President and Vice President of The United States. But I'm also talking about Bill Clinton and the thousands (millions) of other kids who skated because Daddy was a Senator, or Mommy came from a family that mattered. These people, to quote Dick Cheney had "priorities that lay elsewhere." So as usual, the working class and the poor got to go wade in the shit.

The 80s came along. Some sobered up a bit, but many weren't quite ready to quit the cocaine binges. Wall Street went crazy and this the progeny of great men and women decided to make greed a virtue. Get all you can, as fast as you can. If you can't get rich, you're stupid. By 1990, these spoiled pricks were in positions of power all through American government. They made deals with auto makers and oil companies, and SUVs happened. Finally, a 45 year-old woman living in the suburbs had a 400 horsepower vehicle that could scale a sheer cliff! The fact that it would never get any closer than three feet to a speck of dirt was hardly important.

Once again, it was all about them. Cut down trees, use up the oil, who cares? They realized they weren't going to live forever after all, so they may as well use up as much as they could. Locusts, nothing more.

They also found religion. And "morals." All those years of telling their parents how wrong their values were, and they ended up more conservative that their parents.

"God must love me. After all, he made me the center of the universe."

And now, the same kids who ran from war when it was their turn, have grown consciences, and wish to fight a Crusade against people who pray differently. And by the way, these 40 and 50-somethings are perfectly content to, once again, let the poor kids fight for them. And they have certainly seen to it that we have a huge supply of poor to go this time around. It's a long term strategy, and it's been in play for almost 25 years now.

And it's the same with Social Security. They know they won't need it. Boardroom thievery and sweetheart deals have allowed these miscreants to sock away huge nest eggs. Sure, a lot of people lost their jobs, their homes, or their medical insurance, but that wasn't important. The Boomers got theirs. They don't need a government pension, so they're going to take away yours. They plan to invest all of this money in the stock market, further enriching themselves and their cronies, regardless of the fact that it will undoubtedly be nothing more than a government-approved Ponzi scheme. You may lose all of your money, but the guys holding stock will be just fine, so don't worry.

These are greedy people who justify their avarice with the Bible. They are the worst kind. It is not enough that they already have theirs; they want what little you have for themselves as well. A solution that would cost them a dollar a week is too high a price to pay to ease the suffering of people they don't know, and don't care to know.

Look at it this way: Millions of working people get no medical care. Ultimately, their lives will be shortened as treatable conditions will become life-threatening problems. There will be no safety net. They will die, many before they reach 65. A good 21st century conservative would undoubtedly reply, "See? Problem solved."

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