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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Brace Yourselves

Well, the people that know things say that the Bush Administration has just completed it's worst week. Katrina fallout, Iraq quagmire, oil prices, interest rates, and Harriet Miers. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I am supremely confident that these geniuses can do worse. But things are looking up for the Fighting Legacies of Andover. Aunt Harriet has decided to fall on her sword, and do one last favor for her idol, George Bush. But wasn't it an interesting few weeks? I am reminded of the harsh criticism levied at Arlen Specter a year ago, when he dared suggest that maybe moderate judges made sense for a country in which most citizens think of themselves as moderate. Now, we'll probably never know what Miers is about, although I deeply suspect she is about very little. But it was riotously funny watching Christian Conservatives ("The No Health Care for 45 million Americans" people) just savage this woman, who by all accounts, is one of them. The problem is, that they just couldn't prove it, even though the president knows her heart. So, I suppose the days of blind faith in W are over.

But they still love the little guy. Jan LaRue, chief counsel for Concerned Women of America (Are you concerned about wage disparity? Rape?) actually said the following about Bush:

"I think he thinks we're all mad at him," LaRue said of the president. "But we're saying, 'We know you'll get it right this time, and we will be there."

What is he? A five year-old who struck out playing softball? Did he get knocked out of a spelling bee? Did he make boom-boom in his pants? He is getting a do-over. And his loyal followers will be there for him, as long as he does exactly what they want. Some friends.

"Get it right, and we'll be there."

Think about that.

He should nominate the head of Planned Parenthood to the Court, and tell these jackals that they could have had Harriet Miers, but perhaps they will trust him next time. And maybe he gets another chance, and maybe he doesn't.

Yet another reason I'm unelectable.

But in the meantime, brace yourselves for someone philosophically worse, if qualificationally better, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

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