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Monday, November 12, 2007
This and that, 2007 12 November

The US military is reporting that mortar and rocket attacks are at a 21-month low in Iraq. So all of you 18-40 studs who feel Iraqi democracy is so important? It's safe to sign up now. I'll be over here, not holding my breath.

Richard Armitage, the State Department official who first leaked Valerie Plame's name to a reporter, has conceded that he was "extraordinarily foolish" to have revealed this information. And I learned that "extraordinarily foolish" is the new way to say "highly treasonous."

The Derferment Twins.  Dick Cheney was unavailable.

A 4000 year-old temple was found in Peru, and there are wall paintings inside of a figure that looks very much like Pat Robertson. The figure is drinking some sort of medicinal shake and blaming America for the 9/11 attacks. Rudy Giuliani had no comment.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View has revealed her new son's name. I didn't finish reading the article, but I suspect his name may be I Don't Give A Shit.

A Patterson man was arrested for allegedly stabbing his wife's uncle. Kevin Easter has been charged with attempted murder, making this the bloodiest Easter since...Wait, I don't do religious humor.

Whose house?  RUN'S HOUSE!

Six people were killed by rocket fire at a rally commemorating the life of Yassir Arafat in Gaza City. I can't help but think the old rat-faced terrorist is smiling a little bit in Hell, pleased that Hamas devised the perfect tribute for a mass-murderer.

The headline reads "U.S. to woo Africans with naval diplomacy." Because there's nothing Africans like better than seeing fleets of boats anchored off the coast.

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